The Assessment Center Framework 

Assessment Centers are integral to a continuum of support that serves youth and families. Over 83 Centers throughout the United States are working to “guard the front door” of systems to serve the best interests of youth and their communities. Until the creation of the NAC, there was no organization with a mission of supporting Assessment Centers, providing technical assistance, or professional expertise focused on assessment center policies and practices. Without this support over the years, Assessment Centers span operational and quality spectrums that can create confusion around the assessment center model. The NAC recognized this gap and, in 2020, begun the work of developing an updated framework.

An Advisory Committee utilized the newly established Assessment Center Model Guiding Principles to develop the new Framework.   The Framework is grounded in research and best practice.  It allows Centers around the country to operate under a set of core components and have consistency in measuring impact.  Here are the five Core Components of the Assessment Center Framework. 

Download the full Assessment Center Framework HERE