National Assessment Center Association Membership 

The National Assessment Center Association (NAC) was created in 2020 in response to assessment centers around the country identifying a need for more coordination, best practice sharing, networking, and advocacy on a national level.   The NAC has worked diligently to connect to local centers listening to their success, needs, challenges, and dreams.  The announcement of our membership structure allows us to formalize a community of assessment centers and ensure advocacy and best practice sharing for decades to come.  Listed below are the annual benefits and services the NAC will provide to assessment centers and other members as well as the member fee structure:

Connection & Networking: Information sharing and peer support with a network of assessment centers and stakeholders. In-person and online opportunities to discuss and connect around issues facing assessment centers, youth, and families. Virtual learning communities allow members to ask questions and share resources. 

Educational Opportunities: Education for assessment center staff and stakeholders through an annual conference*, webinars, and other ad-hoc educational opportunities. Members will have access to free and discounted webinars as well as $100 off the annual conference registration.

Best Practice Support: Improve practice and policy as a recognized assessment center. Members have access to standards and corresponding training, on-site and virtual technical assistance and use of “member badge” recognizing assessment centers meeting standards.

Evaluation – The evaluation of effectiveness and outcomes is crucial to the success of centers. Participate in collaborative evaluation projects with research partners and participate in collaborative measurement system and have access to reporting templates and training on outcomes and evaluation.  

Consulting and Technical Assistance: Free strategic consultation with board members, executives, and key stakeholders. Discounted rates for onsite and virtual technical assistance on topics such as the planning, development, and improvement of assessment centers.

Increasing Impact: Promoting the work of assessment centers through advocacy as well as forming partnerships with state, federal, public and private organizations. Members will have access to relevant grant opportunities and opportunities for collaborative work in an effort to increase impact. 

Empowerment: Being a part of a larger community of assessment centers in order to leverage our voice and impact. 

Member Structure and Yearly Fees:

Organizations with 1 - 9 employees*


Organizations with 10 -19 employees*


Organizations with 20+ employees*


Foundations, Associations, or Coalitions





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*Applications available for nonprofit, individual, and student discounts for up to 50% of associated fees.