Our Work

Networking We facilitate peer-peer learning and opportunities for current and future centers to share, connect, and network.

Technical Assistance – The National Assessment Center Association provides technical assistance to communities wanting to develop an assessment center and to those current assessment centers wanting to make changes and improvements.

Information/Training – The National Assessment Center Association holds regular training opportunities and information sharing to keep centers equipped with up-to-date information and strategic know-how.

Standards – The National Assessment Center Association works with assessment centers and partners around the United States to establish common core components and best practices.

Speaking Engagements - Our team offers on-site and public speaking engagements to share the mission and work of assessment centers .

Advocacy – The National Assessment Center Association creates and pursues partnerships with diverse groups, including federal, state, and local agencies, other associations and private organizations.  NAC advocates for assessment centers to be included in federal, state, and local law and policy.

The Benefits of Membership

The National Assessment Center Association (NAC) was created in 2019 in response to assessment centers around the country identifying a need for more coordination, best practice sharing, networking, and advocacy on a national level.  The NAC has works diligently to connect to local centers listening to their success, needs, challenges, and dreams.  Our membership structure allows a formalize a community of assessment centers to network, learn, advocate, and share for decades to come.  Benefits of membership include connection & networking, training and education, best practice support, technical assistance, increased impact, and empowering a community of assessment centers!

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Request a Training

The first step in knowing if the assessment center model is right for your community is to simply learn more! Request a community training on the assessment center model to start the educating your community and stakeholders.  NAC staff and partners will provide a comprehensive overview of the assessment center model, provide examples of centers diverting and preventing youth from justice and child welfare system involvement, and facilitate discussion on ways your community can begin exploring readiness and feasibility of an assessment center. The training is 4-6 hours and the targeted audience includes courts, schools, parents, police, elected officials, child welfare administrators, service providers etc.                                    

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