The Self-Assessment Tool 

The National Assessment Center Association (NAC) has developed and released a self-assessment tool that coincides with the Assessment Center Framework. This tool was developed to provide Assessment Centers with the opportunity to examine, review, and reflect on their current operations and to what extent those operations align with the Assessment Center Framework. The tool will help Centers gauge not only where there is alignment, but also where opportunities exist for improvement and enhancement. Self-assessment tools can also serve as goal-setting tools for organizations helping to inform strategic planning and continuous quality improvement efforts.

Below are ways the NAC supports Assessment Centers in the implementation of the self-assessment tool:

NAC Members
  • Self-Assessment Tool – Downloadable PDF
  • Self-Assessment Tool – Web-based, auto-scoring database
  • Facilitated Workgroups to complete the tool and develop change plans
  • Resources (stakeholder interview questions, screening and assessment tool inventory, etc.)
  • Peer-to-peer networking and sharing
  • Self-Assessment tool - Downloadable PDF
Download the Self-Assessment Tool HERE.
Download the full Assessment Center Framework HERE