The following Assessment Centers were chosen by our Association to Spotlight due to their incredible work within their communities and with their youth. If you would like your Assessment Center to be featured in our Spotlights, please reach out at [email protected]. Click the links below to read about each of our amazing Assessment Centers.

 Read about our brand-new publication featuring the Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC), supervised by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury. The MARC consolidates existing community support resources under one roof to ensure timely access to the best services for families. This collaboration includes the 14th Judicial District Court's Family and Juvenile Court Division, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, School Board, District Attorney's Office, Public Defenders' Office, key community stakeholders, and the families it serves. Upon referral, each youth’s needs are assessed through evidence-based screenings, assessments, and authentic conversations with the youth and family, identifying the most suitable community-based resources. By streamlining access, the MARC reduces wait times for community services from several weeks/months to mere hours. Click here to read our publication on the MARC.
 Shelby County Youth & Family Resource Center | Memphis, TN
Located in the Memphis, TN region, The Shelby County Youth & Family Resource Center (YFRC) collaborates with youth and their families to identify strengths, evaluate needs, and tackle areas of concern. Through tailored services and community connections, the center fosters support systems and facilitates access to resources. Working alongside community partners, it aims to optimize the utilization of available resources for the enhancement of youth, families, and the community at large. Click here to read our publication on The Shelby County Youth & Family Resource Center.
 The Front Porch | Savannah, GA
The Front Porch, Where Youth and Families Gather, is established as a community-based Assessment Center and risk reduction program designed to identify children and families who are at risk of becoming involved with the court for delinquency, dependency, and children in need of services (“CHINS”), and to utilize available community resources for the purpose of developing and implementing intervention actions or plans to divert the children and their families from becoming involved in future cases in court. Click here to read our publication on The Front Porch.
The Harbor Juvenile Assessment Center | Las, Vegas
The Harbor, an Assessment Center with locations throughout Clark County, Nevada including Las Vegas, diverts at-risk youth from entering the juvenile justice system by providing early intervention and an avenue to address concerning behavior. Assessment Centers across the nation aim to identify strengths and underlying needs of youth and families and partners with them to facilitate access to individualized services and resources In their communities. Click here to read our publication on The Harbor.