What We Do


Facilitating education and outreach on the Assessment Center Model and benefits is the first step for creating change.  The National Assessment Center Association provides:
  • Training on the Assessment Center Model and it's support to justice and child welfare reform efforts;
  • In-person and remote training on topics such as validated assessment tools, best practices, strategic partnerships;
  • Onsite training and education as requested.


At the National Assessment Center Association, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts and advocating for assessment centers.  We do this by:
    • Collaborating with government, foundations, businesses, and individuals to advance the work of assessment centers.
    • Facilitating the development of policies for communities, schools, law enforcement agencies to utilize assessment centers as a single point of entry for prevention and early intervention. 
    • Informing federal, state, and local lawmakers on possibilities of inclusion of statutory and authorizing language to allow for assessment centers.


Our goal is to promote opportunities for assessment centers through:
  • Providing networking and best practice sharing opportunities for existing assessment centers;
  • Providing technical assistance to communities exploring the feasibility and readiness of an assessment center model;
  • Providing technical assistance to current assessment centers wanting to enhance and/or improve operations and services